Psychedelic Retreats with Psilocybin Mushrooms

MycoMeditations integrated psilocybin-assisted retreats include:

  • 3 psilocybin (magic mushroom) sessions over the course of 7 nights.
  • Several retreat options (Classic, Comfort, Concierge) with tiered pricing.
  • Montego Bay Airport transportation services in Jamaica (pickup and drop-off).
  • Daily authentic Jamaican meals for breakfast and lunch or dinner.
  • Massage sessions with Rasta Wellness Centre.
  • A follow-up phone or video integration call.
  • Introduction to the MycoMeditations network of psychedelic integration therapists post-retreat, as needed.

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What Are Past Guests Saying?

“This retreat was akin to doing a lifetime of therapy in one week. Using psilocybin in a setting that is caring and very supportive has been more therapeutic for me than my 30+ years of being in therapy and on medication for anxiety and depression.”

“For anyone seriously considering psilocybin therapy and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend looking into attending one of the upcoming MycoMeditations Retreats. You will not be disappointed.”

“It was my idea of the perfect vacation—a tropical paradise, great food, super interesting interactions and sharing with others, with personal insight, healing and growth to an extent that normally has taken me many years—all rolled into one week!”

“A MycoMeditations retreat will eventually rise up to the status of Mecca, on the must do list, for the psychedelic adventurer.”

“I've been back from this experience for a week and I am certain my life will now be divided: Life before MycoMeditations and life after MycoMeditations.”

“I’ve been a few psychedelic retreats. I thought MycoMeditations was my favorite by far.”

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